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Threshold of interpretations


Creative art concept:

The threshold of interpretation is the mind field between the abstract and the concrete. It’s a field in which the undefined passes into the representative. Up to the threshold we observe a thing or phenomenon "as it is". After crossing the threshold we see a thing or phenomenon "as it should be" because we translate it into known, in old. The foundation of our struggle for reality is the consolidation of “truth” within the threshold of interpretation.

The relationship between the variables and the interpretation threshold can also be written in mathematical form. It is written as a correlation between the time of observation and the amount of information obtained. On the basis of this, a threshold is formed where the interpretation begins. Interpretation, however, flows in time in the direction of an infinite amount of interpretation.

The concept is presented in research form through diagrams and and equation. The interpretation threshold itself is also implemented as an installation. In its final form, as an illustration of the entire process, it is embodied in large-format oil paintings.

The origin
of thought


Creative art concept:

No thought is the property of man, as it seems to us. We didn't create any thoughts by ourselves. We didn't even create any words. Only a few did. We take our thoughts from our ancestors, from the environment. We experience only a tiny fraction from  the totality of knowledge of mankind. Only in this tiny part are we individual.


Most of the time we are not even aware of our own thought, despite the fact that it is constantly present. We only become aware of it when we make it an object of observation. And when we make it as an object, it becomes extremely interesting. We seem to be looking at the creation of thought. Every object that a person perceives is the sum of all similar objects that he has ever perceived. Every pear that he recognizes as a pear is part of a possessed memory from the past.


A series of oil paintings of everyday objects represents a field where an individual recognizes an object in the mental field of memory.

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Mind field

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Creative art concept:

Mind fields are like bubbles in space, carried by the flow of time. The environment is reflected in them and gives them context as they travel through the space. They exist only in space and time. In relationship with reflection. This creates a narrative.


It appears that therefore free will does not exist? We inherit our mental field from our environment. It is defined by culture, by the space in which we live, by the time in which we operate. The field is fragile, and dissipates in stormy conditions.

Thought fields are depicted in a symbolist manner. In the form of hyperrealistic soap bubble painting in large format oil paintings.