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My life without me

Gallery KUNST 7, Switzerland




Human life runs automatically, within the prescribed norms defined by society and under the label dictated by the mind of the individual.
Conscience is established through learning, taking over concepts from near and far surroundings. Since childhood, man is adopting what is right and what is wrong. He takes over samples and learns about mental labels that represent his truth and his most sacred religion – his own memories. He operates from his memories, he believes in them while through interpretation he creates a secure world of memories already known. New experiences represent a risk and a threat of changes to the established system of mind. So the mind rather remains in the safe shelter of the past thus becoming more rigid in time, more full of bullet-proof labels that prevent new horizons and experiences.
The human nature is religious due to the concept of mental labels. It believes and takes over other people’s thoughts, other people’s concepts; it does not check them but looks for affiliation in them. The man is a believer who sees the world exactly as he thinks it is. In most cases, he does not see the observed phenomena but is looking into his own mind. He comments the view in advance and remains in the multitude of taken over ideas – by assigning labels. He internalizes faith in social concepts such as, for example, state, religion, racism, happiness, love, family, money, taste or even the truth itself - because the truth is that in which one believes.


Vasja Grabner is a painter, draughtsman and designer born in 1976 in Slovenia. He is a person with an extensive range of interests, whose art transcends the narrow confines of national boundaries and in which universal values lend themselves to interpretation. His art works are questions that cannot be solved by science, religion or ideology, but can be answered at the level of an individual. As a defender of humanity, Grabner took part in creating a successful international project ART FOR JUSTICE, which points out human rights and minority problems. His recent interests revolve around thought processes, social structures and cultural barriers. He lives and works in Slovenia.

*part of the art critic by

Mag. Phil. Martin Mössler,

MSc President’s Assistant,

University of Applied Arts Vienna (AUT)


2004 Culture Centre Kranj, Kranj (Slovenia)

2009 Gorenje d.d., Velenje (Slovenia)

2010 Lund University - Sociology of Law and ART FOR JUSTICE, Lund (Sweden)

2010 BASE LEVEL Gallery, Vienna (Austria)

2011 Parobrod Gallery, Belgrade (Serbia)

2013 Kunst und Handel, Graz (Austria)

2015 Castle Novo Celje, Žalec (Slovenia)

2015 Gallery Gorenje - Castle Velenje, Velenje (Slovenia)

2015 Kunst7, Zürich (Switzerland)

2016 Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)

2016 Gorenje d.d. gallery, Velenje (Slovenia)

2016 Kunst7, Zürich (Switzerland)

2016 Castle Tabor, Neuhaus (Austria)

2016-2017 Gallery GALERIE, Vienna (Austria)

2017 The Savin house, Žalec (Slovenia)

2019 Kunst7, Zürich (Switzerland)


MEAM Figurativas Barcelona (Spain) 2019, preselections

VAO Art prize Chester (UK) 2019, Finalist


Gorenje Art Collection, Gorenje d.d., Slovenia




Griže, Slovenia

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