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Spring Programm ⟶ 9 March 2024, Group exhibition

Bachlechner gallery, Graz Austria

18 April 2024 ⟶ 15 June 2024, Solo exhibition: Creating reality

Kunst 7 Switzerland

Slovenia based
contemporary visual artist

Vasja Grabner is the author of works in which he subtly deals with the field of human thought, consciousness, the construction of reality, and thus issues that touch upon the fundamental psychological value system of the individual and society. His creation is based on the findings of modern psychology, science and philosophy, which he interprets in the visual field.

He was presented at several solo and group exhibitions across Europe, including the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.



Idea. Identification. Identity.


According to the new theories a person's conscious reality is created on the basis of interpretations from his own memories. Therefore, we do not experience or perceive anything directly. We do not experience anything completely realistically. Everything we experience is the constructed reality of the field of thoughts that are accumulated in memory. Even identity is just a field of ideas with which we identify.

Identity is therefore not solid, clear, permanently defined. It is abstract, fluid, blurred. It is conditioned and therefore very apparent in reality. It depends on the context and its interpretation. Identity represents identification with an isolated idea that exists only in the field of thought. In the field of the virtual, in the field of abstraction.

Installation case:
Threshold of interpretation

On a symbolic level, the installation represents part of the thought process at the point where perception is translated into description - named the threshold of interpretation. The threshold of interpretation is therefore the boundary between the abstract and the concrete. It is the moment between the observed and the reaction of the mind to it.

So first we see the chair as it is, because at the moment we don't even know that what we are looking at is a chair. In the next moment we get enough information to register that it is a chair (tickets on the chair represent descriptions, information - labels). At this point, the interpretation runs. The mind gives the seen all the possible labels at its disposal at that moment. We no longer see the chair as it is - we look at the labels.

Thought experiment:
Creating reality

A series of thought experiments demonstrates the mechanics of thoughts creating concepts out of seemingly nothing. The observer becomes part of the artistic process, which offers the experience of his own creation of reality.


A very abstract field of colors is thus transformed into a very concrete content. The artistic concept is based on a survey sample of more than 200 individuals from several european countries and could represents symbolic thought pattern in culture. (Only the demo version is used for the purposes of the website).

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